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MD Locums employs inspirational and energetic people. We aim to recruit and retain the best talent and we are committed to unleashing the potential of our people by challenging them with interesting work, and giving them the support and autonomy they need to achieve their goals.

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We are thought leaders across a diverse range of specialisations, and encourage innovative thinking and ideas.
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Our culture

MD Locum’s people are well-educated, professionally respected and respectful of each other. Our sense of purpose is to maximise the financial potential of businesses with solutions that fulfil the aspirations of the business owner.

Benefits rewards

We know the contribution of our people is the key to the success of MD Locums and our clients, which is why we provide both financial and non-financial benefits to attract and retain high calibre individuals. Our benefits and rewards are structured to recognise our people for their contribution and for incorporating the MD Locums values and behaviours into everything they do.

Independent contractors

Are you motivated by unique, interesting projects and the variety of experiences being an independent contractor can provide?

Want to deliver innovative and challenging projects with an innovative consultancy?

At MD Locums we value the contribution contractors and independent consultants make to our business and believe they play a crucial role in providing the unique skills and expertise that enable us to deliver multiple projects successfully for our clients. Irrespective of your expertise, MD Locums can accommodate a variety of engagement methods and understands the commercial benefits and reasons why more and more professionals are choosing the life of a contractor.

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